Acclaim for Sister Dear & Center of Gravity

“A bold and poignant look into an imploding marriage, told in a chorus of assured voices. Center of Gravity is a compelling, fierce, and ultimately hopeful tale, and McNeill is a writer to watch.”

– Joshilyn Jackson, Someone Else’s Love Story, New York Times/USA Today bestselling novelist

“Laura McNeill has a gift for writing taut prose while delving deep into characters. A harrowing tale that explores love and trust and the lengths one will go to save the things that are most important. Highly recommended!”

– Anita Hughes, French Coast


Magazines, Newspapers & Blogs

Chick Lit Central – (Melissa) “I couldn’t get enough of this book and think that ALL women should read it.”

Sara – “I recommend reading Center of Gravity hours before bedtime, unless you’re ready to pull an all-nighter. Yes, it really is that good!” – “Could. Not. Put. It. Down.”

Lagniappe Magazine – This “domestic suspense” novel reveals a world filled with lawyers and college administrators, prep schools and high-toned neighborhoods that will resonate with Lagniappe readers.”

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Book Lover in Florida – “Captivating! Attention grabbing and holding!”

Charlotte Observer – ““Hooked from the first page,” “a real surprise,” “very entertaining,” “creepy,” “read this story,” “one wild ride!”

The Toronto Star – Included in Summer Reads Round Up!

Starred Library Journal Review – FullSizeRender (47)

VERDICT This powerful debut by a former television anchor is a suspenseful and haunting tale of a marriage spiraling wildly out of control. The story line is particularly unsettling as it mirrors the headlines found in newspapers and court cases everywhere. This title will resonate with readers of contemporary women’s fiction and fans of Gina Holmes.

McNeill, Laura. Center of Gravity. Thomas Nelson. Jul. 2015. 320p. ISBN 9780718030902. CF

Review by Christine Sharbrough


Click Magazine –

HER Magazine –


New You Magazine

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Willamette Living Magazine –

Catfish Alley Magazine, Mississippi – “[McNeill] weaves the Coastal South experience into this domestic suspense novel about the lies we tell ourselves and the lies we are told. A duplicitous husband, a superhero-obsessed 8-year-old and a newcomer to town fill this tale of Ava Carson and her fight to find her center of gravity.”


Cahoots Magazine – “…divulging these details creates a heightened sense of suspense, as we see snares being set and can only keep turning the pages until they snap (and snap they do).”

Girls Just Reading – “If you are looking for a tautly written suspense novel, look no further.”

Focus on the Coast Magazine – Wilmington, NC – Named one of 5 “August Beach Reads” – “Life with her two sons and husband couldn’t be more perfect for Ava Carson…reality isn’t always actuality.”

NEWS & SENTINEL –  (Parkersburg, WV – newspaper, regional) – BOOK REVIEW

Sapphire Reader – “It’s an amazing read.”

Jim Kane – “I read it in two days and on day two it was the middle of the night when I finished it. It was worth it.”

Liz & Lisa – Best Books of the Month – July 2015 Edition

Shelf Pleasure – “[A] pulse-pounding page-turner.”

Amanda Fray – “This was a fast paced book, resulting in a quick and easy read. I truly enjoyed it, and though at times the subject matter was difficult, the situations Ava found herself in were eerily relatable at times.”

Texas Book-Aholic – “I loved this book so much and hope I get the opportunity to read more from this author.” and “It’s like a cat and mouse game, where only the strong survive. It’s a thriller at the top of its game, with graphic almost unthinkable acts of terror aimed at those who get in Mitchell’s way.”

Susan Roberts – “The novel is about (Ava Carson;s) quest to get her children back against overwhelming odds. I absolutely loved this book.”

Fleegan – “The oldest son, Jack, is THE BEST character. I love how the author captured his earnestness and his want to fix everything. It was so nice to read a child character that was fully developed and not a Plot Device Child.”

Book Mama Blog – “Excellent read.”

Terry’s Book Addiction – “…as (Ava) begins digging through her husband’s past the book turns from a good story, to a great thriller. This is a must read for anyone that loves a good thriller!”

Nicole – “I know it’s hard to do multiple POVs well so kudos to the author. I really like the simplicity of the book cover as well. I’d definitely see what else the author puts out in her career.”

Indianola Public Library – “A good psychological thriller of good versus evil.”

My Never Ending List – “Definitely, this novel is a page turner! One I want to read again.”

Jersey Girl Reviews – “Center of Gravity is a must read! I could easily see this novel as a Lifetime Channel movie, it is one of those rare riveting stories that will stay with the reader for a long time.”

Go Book Yourself – “I could have read this in one sitting if it wasn’t for having to, you know, eat and live and stuff!!”

Goodreads – Erika

Readful Things – “Wow! This is really a very compelling and exciting book. I read this in the space of one evening as I found it impossible to put down.”

Mallory Heart Reviews – An outstanding literary novel with perfectly realized characters, CENTER OF GRAVITY will rend reader’s heartstrings.”

Lucie Simone – “Seriously, I was biting my nails for 75% of the book.”

Granny Loves to Read – “Highly recommend for book clubs.”

Erin (Goodreads) – “I loved it and could not put it down!!”

Postcard Reviews (UK) – “Laura McNeil has written an emotive story. It is one that I read whilst holding my breath, Mitchell is truly a vile character. Unfortunately he is also seems very real, I imagine that for a lot of women in the same situation as Ava this book will ring true.”

Susan – “I absolutely loved this book.”

Marion Star (Ohio Newspaper) – “When her picture-perfect marriage begins to fail and her husband shows a violent and jealous personality, a woman searches for a way to beat him at this unexpected game in this inspirational thriller.”

Karen Pokras – “Center of Gravity had every element I could ask for in a book, edge of your seat drama, flawed and real characters full of depth and layers, and beautifully written prose filled with emotion.”

Archaeolibrarianologist – “Without a doubt, I absolutely recommend this book. It’s a page turner, attention grabber, do not put the book down kind of story!”

Coffee Mom Book Blog – “Laura McNeill was able to deliver a story that will really tear you to pieces. She slowly drew me in to Jack’s world, pulled me right into Ava’s consciousness and delivered me away from Mitchell. Center of Gravity is a powerful story that will leave you hanging on a thread of hope and hoping for a sliver of truth. Truly an intense read.”

BooksChatter – “This has been a compelling and gripping read.”

Insane About Books – “The unexpected twists made this story a hard one to put down.”

The Write Review – “Laura McNeill is now a favorite author of mine. She had me sitting at the edge of my seat, reading this book everywhere…I hated putting it down. This is a truly gripping story from beginning to end.”

Chick Lit Cafe – “[I] highly recommend this one to anyone who enjoys a good suspense novel that moves along at a supersonic clip.”

L-Booknerd – “This is my very first McNeill read, and I’m glad to say that it won’t be my last. Even with it’s daring subject matter, I was not able to put it down.”

Great Thoughts – Fabulous Summer Fiction

Family Fiction – New Release

Little Reading Cabin

Book Bitch – included CoG in August round-up

Good Day Alabama – “The Alabama author whose buzzed-about debut domestic suspense novel, Center of Gravity, from Harper Collins, hits bookshelves on July 14th.”

Fishin’ for Books – “I can’t even believe this is a book and not a real story because it is THAT great of a book. I would really like for this to be a movie. ”

Readful Things – “Wow! This is really a very compelling and exciting book. I read this in the space of one evening as I found it impossible to put down.”

Elec Bubble – “I loved the book so much that it left me unable to put my phone down, finishing the entire thing in one day.”

Natural Bri – “This book hooked me, pulled me in, wreaked havoc on my emotions and wouldn’t let me go.”

Great Thoughts – “Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill is outstanding.  I read it and immediately messaged the author to say that I think it will be the breakout book of Summer 2015.   Just be prepared to read it in one sitting as once you start, you will not be able to put it down.  You are welcome in advance for this recommendation.” – Selected as a “great summer read.”

10 Minute Interviews

Readful Things Blog – “Wow! This is really a very compelling and exciting book. I read this in the space of one evening as I found it impossible to put down.”

Faith’s Book Nook – “As far as the ending…wow! I loved it and I wasn’t expecting it.”

Reviews By Sammi – “The plot is filled with suspense and tension runs high. The story is so well told that the reader is captivated from start to finish. I highly recommend reading this powerful novel.”

Looking for a Good Book – “I love getting a book by an author with whom I am unfamiliar and then being taken completely by surprise in such a good way.  Center of Gravity by Laura McNeill is one of those books for me. I read the book in the span of one day. The tension is thick and, like the cover as seen here, it is as if a rope were fraying, thread by careful thread.”

Traveling with T

Lilac Reviews – “If you like intense drama and suspense, this book may be one you will appreciate.”

North Vancouver City Library

InkDrop Reviews

Claire sez CENTER OF GRAVITY @LauraMcNeillBks is “as close to Gone Girl as yr gonna get in InspFic” #rablitz15 @KLAMLA2015 #placeahold



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